Francois Valentiny

Luxembourg • Founder of VALENTINY hyp architects

Valentiny stands for bold, almost futuristic designs with character. For him, architecture is a wonderful way to say goodbye to your own problems and to take care of the problems of other people. He teaches architecture from Trier via Vienna to Shanghai and has been named one of the world’s top one hundred architects in Korea in 2016. He is the editor of the first Luxembourg architecture magazine, Adato, and sits on architectural advisory boards. He is former president of the Président of the Fondation de l’Architecture et de l’Ingénierie in Luxembourg and is currently a member of the a member of the Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea in Salzburg, Austria. In 2010 Valentiny hvp architects & partners designed the “green heart of Europe” pavilion for the World Expo in Shanghai. He was awarded the Decoration of Honour in Gold for Services to the Republic of Austria, the Luxembourg Architecture Prize and the Grand Decoration of Merit by the Land of Salzburg.