Exceptional works in architecture from Central and South Eastern Europe
This exposure transcends borders, opening doors to new collaborations and business opportunities. Celebrating sustainable and community-enhancing designs, the awards, with their grand ceremony in Athens, Greece, not only highlight individual achievements but also underscore Eastern Europe’s growing influence in the global architectural narrative.
Jury members and award categories
Shortlisted projects will be presented live to the jury, divided into three architecture program commissions.
Section A
Martha Thorne, Senior Advisor, The OBEL Award; Former Executive Director, Pritzker Prize
Jury Members:
Francois Valentiny, Founder of VALENTINY hvp architects, Luxembourg;
Fuensanta Nieto, Founding Partner of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Spain
Kerem Yazgan, Co-Founder of Yazgan Design Architecture, Turkey
Substitute Juror:
Giuseppe Farris, Founder of Studio Farris Architects,
Category: Educational – Culture
1. Subcategory: Architecture for Learn
University / Institute / Elementary & Middle School / High School / Student Hall / Dining Hall / Dorms / Gymnasium
2. Subcategory: Architecture for Cultural
Museum / Exhibition Center / Gallery / Installation / Visitor Center / Aquarium, Planetarium / Science Center / Visual Arts Center / Theater / Cinema / Performing Arts Center / Concert House / Opera House / Music Venue /Auditorium
Category: Work Place – Commercial
1. Subcategory: Architecture for workplaces: OFFICES & INSTITUTIONAL
Offices / Community centers/ Embassies/ Law courts/ Prisons / Town halls / Ambulance/ Fire stations / Police
2. Subcategory: Architecture for Commercial & Retail & Industrial
Store / Showroom / Temporary Stores / Charging Station / Gas Station / Retail / Shopping Centers / Factory / Distribution Center / Warehouse / Logistics
Peter Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture and the London Society
Jury Members:
Greta Tresserra, Founder of Bamboo HUB – Bamboo for Sustainable Development, Spain
Manuela Gatto, Director ZAHA HADID Architects, UK
Roberto Beraldo, Founder of Beraldo & Marras architetti associati, Italy
Substitute Juror:
Johannes Baar-Baarenfels, Founder of Johannes Baar-Baarenfels Architecture, Austria
Category: City planning – Heritage & Adaptative
1. Subcategory: Architecture for Heritage – Adaptive
HERITAGE / MONUMENTS / Restauration / Renovation / Extension
2. Subcategory: Architecture for City Planning – Public Transportation
City Planning / Airport / Port / Train Station / Bus Station / Cruise Terminal / Transportation Hub / Metro Station / Spaceport / Tram Station / Pier / Parking / Bridge
Category: Landscape – Wellbeing
1. Subcategory: Architecture for Healthcare – Wellbeing & Sports
Hospital / Dental Clinic / Asylum /Clinic/ Laboratory / Spa / Therm / Stadiums / Sports Hall / Fitness Club / Swimming Pool / Ski Center / Skatepark
2. Subcategory: Architecture for Landscape
Lanscape / Parks
Kamran Afshar Naderi, Iranian-Italian Artist, Designer, Architect; Founder of Memar Magazine & Awards
Jury Members:
Pepe Gascon, Founder of Pepe Gascón Arquitectura, Spain
Diogo Brito, Founder of OODA – Architecture, Portugal
Fokke Moerel, Partner at MVRDV, The Netherlands
Substitute Juror:
Asaaf Kimmel, Partner at Kimmel Eshkolot Architects, Israel
Category: Residential
1. Subcategory: Single use
Houses / Villas
2. Subcategory: Not for single use
Housing (Block of apartments) / Community
Category: Hospitality Hotels – Retaurants
1. Subcategory: Hotel
Hotels / Mobile houses
2. Subcategory: Restaurants
Restaurants / Bars
General information
  • The jury evaluates entries based on how successfully projects have met their individual requirements.
  • All projects must demonstrate design achievement, including a sense of place and purpose, of ecology and environmental sustainability, and of history.
  • More specifically, the jury also evaluates entries relative to the criteria. Submitted projects do not have to adhere to all measures but need to address several of them. Submitters are strongly encouraged to consider their submission materials in this context.
  • The jurors review submission individually, then convey collectively to discuss submissions, and select the recipients of the award.
Criteria for the projects

To be considered for the long list selection, and further on for the short list, the projects submitted need to follow a list of criterias as such:

  • Projects completed between 1 January 2021 and 31st December 2023
  • Projects need to be located in one of the mentioned allowed countries;
  • Projects can be from any sphere of architecture in all the fields of architecture, interior architecture, landscape and urbanism
Qualification criteria for the submissions
  • Entrants are allowed to submit multiple projects, but shall submit a separate entry form for each one.
  • Only on time submitted projects with specified text description and images will be admitted to competition.
  • Projects will not be taken into account if the later communicated registration deadline is exceeded.
All the submitted projects have the chance to be presented in Athens, Greece
Overall winner SHARE Awards
One prize only.
Is awarded by the “Overall Jury”, Carol Ross Barney, 2023 AIA Gold Medal Winner, on October 8.
3 prizes only.
Is awarded by the “Overall Jury” on October 8.
Is awarded for each of the 6 categories, following the live judging on October 8.

The following will be granted:

  • Winner for “Educational – Culture” Category,
  • Winner for “Work Place – Commercial” Category,
  • Winner for “Landscape – City planning”,
  • Winner for “Healthcare – Sports” Category,
  • Winner for “Residential” Category,
  • Winner for “Hotels – Restaurants” Category
Is awarded for each of the 12 subcategories in the contest, following the live judging on October 8.

The following will be granted, but not mandatory:

  • “Educational”

  • “Cultural – Heritage” 

  • “Workplaces: Offices – Institutional” 

  • “Commercial – Retail”

  • “Landscape”

  • “City Planning” 

  • “Healthcare” 

  • “Sports & Wellbeing”

  • “Residential Single-use” 

  • “Multi-Unit Residential “

  • “Hotels”

  • “Restaurants – bars”

The selection process by the jury takes place online, with results first being shared solely with the nominees on June 17. These results will be made public on July 1, provided that the SAA services package fee has been paid.
“Awarded short list” Packages.
*Required to choose the SAA services package and make payment between 18 and 27 June, as a prerequisite to be announced on the “Awarded Shortlist” and be invited to the final judging stage.
Package “Awards”: 600 euro, without VAT.
  • Display of your project in the “Awarded Shortlist” gallery on the website.
  • License to use the “Awarded Shortlist” logo.
  • Participation in the second round of in-person jury review in Athens on October 8th, 2024.
  • Admission for one individual to the SHARE International Architecture Forum Greece 2024 on October 8th.
  • Admission for one individual to the Grand Gala Awards Ceremony in Athens.
  • Your project will be featured in the traveling SHARE Architecture Awards exhibition, launching in Athens in October and set to tour in 2025 within the SHARE Architects program countries.
Calendar of annoucement
Public announcement of the “Awarded short list”: 1st of July 2024
  • deliver the LOGO “Awarded short list” to the winners
  • include the project in the “SHARE Awards Exhibition”
  • presentation on the website and social media
Grand Awards Gala Ceremony – SHARE Awards Winners: Athens, 8th of October 2024

1. “Honorable mention”; “Category Winner”

  • listing on the website in the winners section, dedicated list
  • social media announcement
  • certificate in the frame, handed on stage

2. “Highly commended – SHARE Awards”; “Overall Winner SHARE Awards”

  • projects presentation on the website
  • projects presentation on social media
  • trophy and certificate in the frame, handed on stage
  • NL with the projects to media, partners – receipients 25.000
Grand Awards Gala Ceremony – SHARE Awards Winners: Athens, 8th October 2024

1. Report

  • 1/ 6 page project presentation for “Honorable mention”
  • 1/3 page project presentation for “Category winner”
  • 1/2 page project presentation for “Highly commended – SHARE Awards”
  • 1 page presentation for “Overall Winner SHARE Awards”

2. Exhibition