Nominate works for the awards
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Submissions close on 31th of May, 2024
Image requirements
  • Please provide 8 images from your proposal to be used in case your project is awarded for the announcement on the SHARE Architecture Awards website and upload them below.
  • Format: .jpg only.
  • Minimum Size: 3200 pixels in width by 1800 pixels in height, landscape orientation.
  • Minimum Resolution: 72 dpi.
  • Borders: Images should not include a white border.
  • Compliance: Images not meeting these specifications will be excluded from display.
Submission content

1. Main Visual (“Hero” Image):

  • Include 1 high-resolution image representing the entire project, tagged as ‘HERO’.
  • This image will be featured in the SHARE Architecture Awards Gallery and for shortlisted entries.
  • Must include image credits.


2. Additional Photographs:

  • Provide 4 more photographs of the project, each with image credits.


3. Plans and Sections:

  • Supply 3 images showing a site plan, floor plan, and a crucial section of the project.
Document submission
  • Compile your project images into a single PDF file.
  • The file size should not exceed 25 MB and should be within 20 A4 pages.
  • Compress the document before uploading to facilitate the submission process.
  • Ensure anonymity by omitting the architect’s and/or firm’s name from file names, images, plans, or narratives to prevent disqualification.
  • Where possible, include images depicting the building in use.
Narative and layout

Your submission should narratively illustrate your project’s story to the jury, encompassing:

  • Images showing each visible side of the building or setting.
  • For projects with multiple buildings, a single encompassing image may suffice to showcase the whole project and its context.
  • At least one interior image for every major functional area.
  • Include conceptual diagrams, elevations, floor plans, sections, and a site plan (with a North arrow indicated).
  • For preservation/restoration projects, include relevant images.
Additional instructions
  • Composite pages are allowed.
  • You may annotate images or drawings with text or notes.
  • Ensure any drawings or plans clearly show the scale.
  • Label renderings, particularly those depicting unbuilt project aspects.
  • Utilise the maximum page limit to provide a comprehensive presentation.
  • Maintain a consistent layout orientation (horizontal or portrait) throughout your submission.