Yunity Park

City planning – Landscape
Company Name
Arcadia Engineering Srl
Arup Engineering
9 tuplesys SRL
Project Team
Arh. Adelina Podlovschi,
Arh. Gianina Toader,
Arh. Ivanov Catalin,
Arh. Alexandru Niculescu,
Arh. Dragos Epure
Project Name:
Yunity Park
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City planning – Landscape
Project Area:
15 492 mp
Completion Date:
Project overview
Yunity Park stands as a testament to the embodiment of pure parametric design, where the ethereal dance between fluidity and the untamed grace of nature converges into a harmonious interpenetration. Across a transformative two-year journey, this visionary project underwent a series of metamorphoses, ultimately emerging as a manifestation that flawlessly marries functionality with an irresistible aesthetic allure. Every nuance of this space, from its sinuous surfaces to the very flooring beneath, serves as a seamless and organic extension of the park, redefining the entire complex once known as Novo Park.Initiated by the audacious vision of the project’s owner, Genesis Property, the aspiration was nothing short of replacing a rigid expanse of concrete with a park that elegantly assimilates into the urban tapestry. The journey was not without its challenges, as we sought the ideal material to breathe life into our envisioned geometry. Meticulously crafted custom molds became our tools of choice, harnessing concrete’s inherent plasticity to sculpt a landscape of unprecedented beauty. The materials employed possess remarkable plastic properties, not merely in terms of flexibility, but also in terms of ease of maintenance and durability.The sculptural contours of these surfaces find themselves in a choreographic embrace with light, each element meticulously designed to accentuate fluid geometry. The result is a breathtaking tableau where form and function engage in a captivating dance, transforming Yunity Park into an iconic landscape that transcends the conventional boundaries of architectural expression.Cost: 20 000 000 $
Project history
In the heart of the bustling AviaČ›iei district, where office buildings rise as symbols of urban progress, emerges a project that redefines architectural excellence. Entering the dynamic landscape of this area, our client sought more than just a workspace – they aimed to create a focal point, a place to amaze and inspire, both for employees and the surrounding community.Through intensive collaboration and deep exploration, we outlined a modern and captivating vision, perfectly tailored to the needs and aspirations of the client. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding urban landscape and the vibrant energy of the place, we crafted a space that exudes innovation and refinement in every detail.The completion of the project was met with enthusiasm and admiration, both from the client and the community. Through our intervention, we managed to surpass initial expectations, transforming a simple parking lot into a monument of modernity and creativity.Thus, our project not only successfully meets the functional requirements of a workspace but also becomes a symbol of progress and human connection in the midst of a constantly evolving metropolis.