Villa Tls 42

Mapa Architects
Residential Single-use
Company Name
Mapa Architects
Author Predrag Milutinović dia, Mapa Architects Belgrade
Project Team
Collaborators on the project: Olivera Stnković M.Arch,
Sara Petković M.Arch.
Filip Pajović M.Arch.
Helena Planjanin M.Arch
Slađana Aničić M.Arch
Aleksandar Jeftić HVAC
Danica Cvetković V&S
Nebojša Rajić Electro.
Project Name:
Villa Tls 42
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Residential Single-use
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Project overview
The project of a residential single-family villa in Belgrade, responding to the complex program and the client’s requirements, managed to reconcile the expectations of the users, and the perseverance of the designer to build a building on a not-so-large stretch that does not impose itself with its volume and does not pretend to conquer the space, but with a gentle shearing with a decent roundings, and despite its massive dimensions, it leaves sufficient distances without closing the views of the neighbors.The volume of the object, a significant mass of stone, which is softened by soft lines, by fine grinding of one piece, resulted in a disjointed structure of light loose travertine rock in a specific urban fabric, intersected and indicated by fine vertical lines of metal.The structure and complex contents of the building, the separation of private and work, required the simplest possible scheme of movement. The basic matrix, vertical and horizontal movement conditioned and established the concept of the object. The entrance bridge, the open atrium, the two-story height of the living room, the shifting and stacking of the plans, give the uniqueness of this city villa, which is shielded from the street by massive walls at the front and is completely open to the courtyard.The basic structure of the volume is lined with fine horizontal panels, which end with a massive cube of a detached floor. The sheer mass of the full wall is well balanced by the openings, the balance of full and empty, large membranes of glass, lightened the stone rock.This building, a midden, which seems to have always been in that place, with its materialization and withdrawal from its neighbors modestly emphasizes its need to remain timeless and grounded as a new expression of the contemporary city villa.Studio Mapa Architects dooAuthor of the project: Predrag Milutinović, B.Sc.Arch.
Project history
The project was created as an illustration of what the investor wanted. their impressions upon moving in were that all their dreams were fulfilled through the spatial matrix and design. at the end of this project, for the first time, someone honestly asked me if I was satisfied.