P House

studio 1408
Residential Single-use
Company Name
studio 1408

studio 1408 – overall design
nmavi – structure design
plantUP – landscaping
design and planting
atelierSIA – furniture execution
hautecouturemetal – metal staircase execution
investprod – window execution
floorart – microcement floor
valprest – wood floors

Project Team

Design team: Lucian Bugnariu, Diana Bugnariu, Diana Jitariu, Alin Stoica, Ștefania Mălăeru
Engineering: Matei Bugnariu
Landscape: Raluca Țenea & Lucian Bugnariu

Project Name:
P House
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Project Country:
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Project Category:
Residential Single-use
Project Area:
gross built area 250sqm total
Completion Date:
Project overview
Project DescriptionP houseImmersed within the fabric of an existing urban setting, this 250 square meter dwelling seamlessly melds with its environment, embodying sustainability as its fundamental ethos. Its façade, a monolithic structure punctuated by purposeful cut-outs, extends a warm invitation to its surroundings, blending effortlessly with the busy urban landscape.The interiors epitomize a sense of spatial fluidity—a harmonious interplay of interconnected spaces on the ground floor and a versatile mezzanine level adapt organically to diverse requirements. This adaptability ensures that each room serves multiple functions, accommodating the evolving needs and lifestyle of its inhabitants.The seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces appears as a defining feature. A double-height loggia facing the street acts as a conduit for natural light, setting up a continuum between the interior and the exterior. Beyond aesthetics, the backyard extends the living space, thoughtfully designed to foster outdoor living and relaxation, creating a serene retreat within the urban hustle.This architectural exercise boasts interesting design elements—a sculptural staircase illuminated by a skylight, casting playful interplays of light and shadow, contributing to the house’s distinctive ambiance. These meticulously crafted features not only elevate functionality but also elevate the aesthetic appeal, resonating with an ethos of sustainable living.Every aspect of this dwelling, from its thoughtful integration into the urban fabric to its adaptable a commitment to sustainable living without compromising on elegant simplicity and sculptural functionality.
Project history