KM88 Acero Rosso

Architecture studio URED
Multi-Unit Residential
Company Name
Architecture studio URED

URED Studio

Project Team

Architecture: Nikola Milanović
Construction engineering: Milan Pavlović
Hydroengineering: Nemanja Vlaisavljević
Electrical engineering: Aleksandar Vasojević
HVAC engineering: Slobodan Todorović
Elevator mechanical engineering: Aleksandar Stefanović
Photography: Mladen Jovanović

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Project Name:
KM88 Acero Rosso
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Multi-Unit Residential
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Project overview
Urban analysis of building rules defined two variants of solutions. of which variant 1 was accepted as a more favourable solution both for the tenants of the future building and for the users of the gerontological centre on adjacent plot. Using the parameters for an interrupted row of single-family houses, a more favourable solution of a more compact residential building with main orientations towards the street and its own yard, with an entrance formed on the main facade of the building, is obtained.
Project history
Thanks to the compact shape, rational apartments were designed with secondary openings on the side facade and towards the skylights, which provides good lighting and ventilation.The dimensions and proportions of the apartments enabled the scalability of the residential structure and the possibility of easily creating an additional room within the same given square footage.According to the latest changes to the planning documents in Kragujevac, it will no longer be possible to design residential buildings of this scale on plots of land smaller than 6 acres until further notice, but the construction of family houses or residential buildings with more than 18 to 20 apartments and much higher floors is encouraged.In this sense, this is one of the last examples of the construction of residential buildings on a smaller scale and the realization of the comfort provided by a residential community with less than ten residential units.