Kerem Yazgan

Turkey • Co-Founder of Yazgan Design Architecture

Founded in 2003 by Kerem Yazgan and Begüm Yazgan, both PhD. Architects, Yazgan Design Architecture Inc. is an architectural, interior, landscape and graphic design and construction firm based in Ankara, Turkey. In the past 18 years, Yazgan Design Architecture has been published in 19 countries and has been awarded with 133 national and international design awards. With over 8.500.000 square meters in total projects which was constructed located in both Turkey and a number of other countries, the portfolio of Yazgan Design Architecture continues to grow and diversify. He is a key playes on the healthcare architecture field with Basaksehir Pine and Sakura Integrated Health Campus, the largest insulated structure in the world. Located in the city of Istanbul, a city with high seismic potential, with a population of over 15 million inhabitants, the hospital has a total area of 1 million square meters and has over 2,000 seismic isolators.