Constantin Brancusi Pavilion

D.S Birou de Arhitectură
Cultural – Heritage
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D.S Birou de Arhitectură
D.S Birou de Arhitectură
Project Team
Dorin Ștefan,
Anda Ștefan Bogdan Chipară,
Ana Maria Banciu,
Cristina Ionescu,
Ioana Todiroaie,
Adrian Arendt,
Mihai Popeangă,
Tudor Patapievici,
Beatrice Apetrei,
Caterina Ciurel,
Elvis Tarlea,
Ștefan Burciu,
Wolfgang Kahler,
Ulrich Schmid,
Erwin Szori,
Ralf Scheurer,
Adrian Badici,
Bogdan Bologescu
Dolj Couny Council
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Constantin Brancusi Pavilion
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Cultural – Heritage
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Project overview
Constantin Brâncusi Center” is a tribute project dedicated to Constantin Brâncusi. A project realized in 2022 in the city of Craiova, Romania consisting of a symbolic glass volume above ground and an underground exhibition space. This center is in the courtyard of the Craiova Art Museum, Mihail Palace, an architectural monument.The “Constantin Brâncuși Centre” is composed of a piece of work made entirely of glass, a tribute landmark, and an underground space of 1400 m2: gathering area, café, exhibition space and conference area. The access to the underground space is done through an amphitheatre which opens to the exterior through a harmonic glass wall.The project proposes a cultural program: international interactive centre comprised of 2 underground floors and 1 ground floor. Its height is 12 meters and it has a total surface area of 1481 m2 that can be used, divided in above-ground area of 81 m2 and underground area of 1400 m2The sculptor of Romanian origin Constantin Brâncuși was born in the village of Hobita near Craiova and is linked to the city of Craiova through his professional training. Inside the Art Museum, several works signed by Constantin Brâncuși are exhibited. The exterior glass work is a sign-signal, a work between architecture and “op-art” sculpture that aims to create an optical illusion between several forms often found in Brâncuși’s work: the cube-square prism, the ovoid, the fusiform volume. At the same time, it is also a reference to a project that Brâncuși did not realize: the Temple from Indore.
Project history
The project was commissioned by the Dolj County Council, requiring an extension of the art museum in Craiova, and at the same time, serving as a tribute to Constantin Brancusi, who was born in the village of Hobita and began his artistic studies in Craiova. The construction was warmly welcomed by both the local and national communities, and it was easily included in the tourist circuit. Additionally, the center hosts international exhibitions, cultural events, and academic conferences, fostering a vibrant cultural exchange. It serves as a hub for art enthusiasts, scholars, and tourists from around the world, further solidifying Craiova’s status as a key destination in the art world. The Brancusi International Center not only celebrates the artist’s contributions but also stimulates cultural and economic growth in the region